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Dr. Marroquin in a Stanford Medical School graduate who started her career at UCSD then Kaiser Permanente where she practiced Internal Medicine. Early in her career she discovered the pitfalls in our health care system and decided to change the direction of her practice of medicine. She began by furthering her education obtaining a master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance in hopes of better understanding the economic dynamics influencing the delivery of healthcare in our society. She then realized that her passion was in disease prevention and individualized care rather than disease management and population based medicine. She prides herself in a personalized approach and a tailors her medical treatment accordingly. She believes in incorporating an integrative approach to western medicine incorporating lifestyle modification, nutritional and nutraceutical supplementation, spiritual and mental wellbeing, hormonal balance, and much more. Her focus is disease prevention and optimization of health and vitality.She is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Anging and Regenerative Medicine where she has advanced her training in both fields as well as Aesthetic Medicine. Her clinic is in Chula Vista across from Sharp hospital. She is well trained in bio-identical hormone replacement, weight management, nutrition, nutraceutical supplementation, botox, fillers, intensive light therapy for the treatment of rosacea, acne, hyper pigmentation, collagen stimulation, pro-fractional laser resurfacing for wrinkles, and scars, body sculpting and fat reduction with radio frequency.